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Guaranteeing safety during industrial cleaning activities is

a serious responsibility

Energy is of crucial importance to modern society. As a global player in the upstream and downstream value chains, i.e. extraction, refining, chemical and petrochemical industry, that dependency offers you a wealth of opportunities!
But this also generates a broad spectrum of expectations and obligations. In the area of safety, for example … always a hot issue and a primary business priority in today's environment!

Guaranteeing safety is a serious responsibility that requires meticulous focus, extensive knowledge and time. KOKS Group will be delighted to assist you in ensuring safety for cleaning activities during maintenance work, stops and shutdowns. We have produced industrial cleaning equipment for almost 25 years, including ADR/EX/PED vacuum trucks, and we have also amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in the area of industrial cleaning processes, cleaning methods, contemporary environmental and safety requirements and the use of industrial cleaning equipment.

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Because we are capable of and want to offer our customers more than safe equipment alone, we have set up a Total Care Team in order to advise and support you when preparing for and executing these cleaning activities.

Our KOKS Total Care Team consists of five consultants who each have their own speciality and area of professional expertise. What they have in common is that they all possess thorough detailed knowledge, have many years of experience and are hugely committed - qualities, which they will be delighted to share with you. Total Care Together combines our resources and capabilities in order to ensure that cleaning processes take place safely, efficiently and economically and in order to prevent emergencies during cleaning activities.

What can our KOKS Total Care Team do for you?

Advice - Training - Equipment – Methods

  • Draw up a step-by-step plan in order to carry out cleaning processes safely within a petrochemical setting.
  • Advise and train employees such as executive staff and supervisors and train operators in the use of the equipment.
  • Identify, list and provide advice on cleaning methods.
  • Provide advice on the use of resources, materials and equipment.
  • Deliver, develop and produce the right cleaning equipment, constructed in accordance with the latest PED/ADR standards and all valid environmental and safety requirements.

Our KOKS Total Care Team works in accordance with the guidelines of SIR (Stichting Industriële Reiniging), the Dutch industrial cleaning foundation. These guidelines state that safe working is only possible through an integral approach to three risk factors: people, resources and methods. The advisors in our KOKS Total Care Team are founders of SIR and have been involved with the foundation since its initiation. SIR’s goal is to encourage and regulate safe working in the industrial cleaning industry and represents the industry's collective interests in the Netherlands. SIR leads the way in this area and sets an example worldwide in demonstrating how effectively an industrial sector can implement self-regulation in the area of safety.

Advice tailored to your situation

Our KOKS Total Care Team provides advice tailored to your situation and looks forward to putting all its energy into assisting and advising you. For more information, please contact the Total Care Team at KOKS Group bv, tel. +31(0)72 540 66 99, email

Meet the KOKS Total Care Team

Jan Geelhoed Marinus de Boom Mark Zwart Gerard Koks


Feel free to contact us if you want to know about the KOKS Total Care Team.

Phone Phone: +31 (0)72 540 66 99
Mail Email:
Info Diamantweg 1
1812 RC Alkmaar
The Netherlands
Fax: +31 (0)72-540 55 40
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ADR and PED safety standards at the highest level!

As a dynamic manufacturer and supplier of (industrial) cleaning equipment, the KOKS Group is a worldwide leader in the field of safety and quality. KOKS’ ambitions in these areas are very high. Safety is the number 1 priority and is focused on the user, the machine and the environment. All equipment is built in accordance with the latest PED- or ADR-standards and all applicable environmental and safety requirements. KOKS can offer you even more, by expanding the equipment with the highest level of safety features.

KOKS Group

KOKS Group logo

Manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaning equipment

The KOKS Group is a dynamic manufacturer and supplier of cleaning equipment and has for many years been a trusted partner for the industrial sector, private (cleaning) companies, road builders, local authorities and government bodies. The combination of products being manufactured by ourselves, together with the well-known brands for which we are the exclusive agents, means that the KOKS Group can offer a complete range of products.

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KOKS Total Care Team

Jan Geelhoed

Consultant possessing more than 20 years of global operational experience in industrial cleaning; has worked for various major cleaning contractors. SIR member.

Jan Geelhoed “Safety in the industrial cleaning sector is a must that ought to be a number 1 priority all over the world. In the Netherlands, we have a foundation called SIR, which is a textbook example of what is possible and what is required, but which also arose through cause and effect, analysis of things that went wrong in the past and how to prevent the same faults from happening in the future. This is a continuous learning process in which all the parties involved need to communicate with each other frankly and be receptive to each other's ideas and interests. In situations where this is not yet recognised or acknowledged, the KOKS Total Care Team can help reduce the time taken to introduce this working method and achieve the intended results, thereby avoiding the harsh reality of accidents. This approach is unique and successful in that a plan defining clear guidelines and procedures both for those involved and for the methods and equipment used is drawn up beforehand. By combining our expertise and long-standing experience in the KOKS Total Care Team, we are capable of providing support for the petrochemical industry in ensuring safe and efficient performance of the associated cleaning activities. In my opinion, ‘Goal Zero’ can only be achieved by creating optimum collaboration between all the parties, training staff effectively, adopting the correct methods and procedures and using suitable equipment”.

Jan Geelhoed, Consultant for KOKS Total Care Team, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Marinus de Boom

Consultant possessing more than 40 years of global operational experience in managing shutdowns and stops at various refineries. SIR member.

Marinus de Boom “Dirt build-up in systems reduces production capacity and therefore also has an adverse affect on operational availability. This results in a concrete need for maintenance and cleaning. In addition, dirt build-up is responsible for increased power consumption, costlier maintenance and also has a negative impact on the environment. The demand for increasingly higher plant availability and a growing interest in saving energy not only make the topic of dirt accumulation more interesting, they also increase complexity. The KOKS Total Care Team unites a great wealth of experience and expertise. Together, we can help end-users and the parties that actually carry out cleaning work to assess problems and look for new, efficient, cost-effective and safe techniques. I believe that a custom-made approach to cleaning substantially increases operational availability and plant integrity. In accordance with our motto of ‘Efficiency is our aim and cleanliness our game’, we are capable of attaining clean results”.

Marinus de Boom, Consultant for KOKS Total Care Team, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Mark Zwart

Consultant possessing more than 5 years of global experience in specifying and selling industrial ADR cleaning equipment. SIR member.

Mark Zwart “In my position as Export Manager, I advise our customers about the machines we built and sell worldwide. I have noticed that there is increasing demand for more than just advice about our products. There are also many questions about cleaning methods and efficiency. These are very important issues, which also determine the degree of cleanliness, safety and speed. The best advice in this area can only be provided by people who have acquired substantial practical experience in all areas of the world. So I am also very pleased and proud that we can now offer our customers and users of our products even greater levels of service in the form of our KOKS Total Care Team. We have the ability to share the vast experience that we have acquired during decades of activity all over the globe with anybody who wishes to benefit. Our ultimate goal, of course, is to achieve maximum cleaning performance in the safest and fastest way. Consequently, I am convinced that the combination of suitable equipment and the right method are essential ingredients for achieving these objectives”.

Mark Zwart, Export Manager for KOKS Group, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Gerard Koks sr.

Consultant possessing more than 40 years of global experience in specifying, developing, manufacturing and selling industrial ADR cleaning equipment. SIR member.

Gerard Koks “I am intensely proud of our KOKS Total Care Team and the two new, very experienced and respected consultants who have agreed to join that team. In combination, we possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, acquired during our activities in industrial cleaning and through personal involvement in the radical developments that have taken place within the petrochemical industry in Rotterdam (Holland) during the last 50 years. Together with customers, service providers, suppliers and temporary employment agencies, we initiated creation of the SIR foundation more than 25 years ago. This foundation is unique in the world and makes a significant contribution to achieving high levels of safety and efficiency in the industrial cleaning sector. That has made it possible for us to develop good cleaning methods, effective cleaning machines and industry-specific training courses. Sharing this knowledge and experience is of paramount importance, as is coordinating and steering its practical application. Consequently, we feel that we should not only supply equipment for industrial cleaning, but also offer the service provider and the customer the opportunity of hiring our very experienced consultants”.

Gerard Koks sr., Consultant for KOKS Total Care Team, Alkmaar, The Netherlands


The KOKS Group is a manufacturer and supplier of cleaning equipmentand can offer a complete range of products.
Ecovac Ecovac Combi Ecovac Loader Ecovac Trailer Mobiele Gaswasser Megavac Megavac Loader Megavac Trailer Megavac Cycloon Loader

Survey of vacuum cleaning applications
for which KOKS Total Care Team can be help or advise you.
  • - Cleaning Crude Oil Refinery
    Crude Oil Distillation (atmospheric)
    Vacuum Distillation
    Liquefied Gas Production
    Sour Water Stripper
  • - Cleaning Petrochemical Plants
    Ethylene Splitter
    Propylene Splitter
    Butadiene Production
    Benzene Separation
    Toluene Separation
    Xylene Separation
  • - Cleaning Environmental Plants
    Flue Gas Scrubbing
    Waste Water Treatment
    Drinking water Treatment
  • - Cleaning Power Plants
    Sulphur Dioxide Separation
    Carbon Dioxide Separation
  • - Cleaning Natural Gas / Chemical Plants
    Acid Gas Removal
    Air Separation
    Titanium Dioxide Production
    Chlorine Production
    Ammonia Production
    Fertilizer Production
    Ethyleneoxide Production
    Styrene/Ethylbenzene Separation
    Ethanol Separation
    Methanol Separation
    LNG Recondenser
  • - Cleaning Refinery Plants
    Ethanol Separation
Survey of vacuum cleaning applications for which KOKS Total Care Team trucks is used
  • - Advise of Calamity handling
  • - Advise of Chemical technical cleaning
  • - Advise of Industrial cleaning
  • - Advise of Offshore activities
  • - Advise of Oil separation
  • - Advise of Onshore activities
  • - Advise of Petrochemical activities
  • - Advise of Well cleaning
  • - Advise of Sewer cleaning
  • - Advise of Septic tank cleaning
  • - Advise of Shutdown cleaning
  • - Advise of Silo cleaning
  • - Advise of Transport activities
  • - Advise of Vacuum cleaning activities
  • - Advise of Greace trap cleaning
  • - Advise of Water surface cleaning
  • - Advise of Collection of waste oil
  • - Advise of Municipal cleaning
Sales of KOKS
industrial cleaning equipment
Of course these are only a few examples of the usability and applications, from which no rights can be derived.